Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Perfect Weekend

Whew...its been a while! I am over two weeks since I last posted and now this post is almost a week late. This one has taken me all week to get done, so excuse any typos, I couldn't take it any more and had to publish it. I promise I will try to do better! :) We have been nonstop the past few weeks with our latest excursion being in Paris for the holiday weekend. And before you get too jealous, I am talking about Paris Tennessee. You can still get a little jealous because it was an awesome weekend. We drove up late Thursday night arriving around midnight to Ashley's dad's house that was ready for the weekend.

The festivities began on Friday with a bang...literally! Morning came early for everyone and when I say early I mean 5am. We woke up to breakfast and play time and made our way to the pool around noon. We swam and snacked the afternoon away. I for once got to lay by the pool as I had plenty of helpers with Lucy. I got to lay around so much, that I didn't take a single picture of the swimmers! After the pool, we went back to Ashley's dad to get ready for the Paris Country Club BBQ and fireworks. When we arrived we made our way straight to the food and enjoyed dinner and then spent the rest of the late afternoon socializing with friends and family.

Ashley, Uncle Jimmy and Ashley's dad, John David

Aunt Nancy and Thea Steph

Me and Ash
Jessica (Ashley's sister) and her boyfriend, Kenny
While we had our time, the kids were having theres. They had a kid carnival set up and Landon and his cousins had a blast!
Landon and his cousin, Jackson


The fireworks aka "Thunder Over Paris" was supposed to start at dark, so we rounded up the kiddos and waited...

and waited...

The wait was well worth it.
The pictures don't do them justice, but these were the BEST fireworks ever! I don't think the fireworks themselves were all that better, but all the lights were out, it was super dark outside and they were shooting them about 50 yeards away, so they were falling right over us. Do you want to know who enjoyed them more than anyone????

LUCY! She loved them and wasn't afraid one bit. In fact, when I tired to pick her up she would scream for me to put her back down. So funny! She was in this position the whole time.

Saturday came and was just as jampacked as Friday. The morning and early afternoon were spent recovering from the "festivities" the night before. I didn't mention, but after the fireworks, the CC hosted an adult only pool party that lasted well into the night errrr morning. Those pictures will not be posted on. Anyway, I would say around 2 on Saturday afternoon everyone had recovered. So we went to tour John David's (Ashely's dad) lumberyard. He has manufactured hardwood floors and moulding for years and has just added a pellet mill. So we all went for the tour...very interesting. (With the new Energy Bill about to pass in the Senate this may be the "new thing" as its considered to be green. Here's a link to learn more about it if your interested.) Anyhow, after the tour we went to get ready for that nights festivities which started with a birthday party for Jude!

Jude, the birthday boy

PaPau (sp?) and Gigi - proud grandparents

After the birthday party, we made our way to the Neese Family BBQ hosted by our own Billy Bob. Unfortunately it poured right when the BBQ was starting and I made my way inside with Lucy. I didn't get many pictures but I did manage to sneak a few of the kids playing in the rain.

Oh, and right before the rain started, I got this one...my favorite picture of the weekend!

Sunday was spent sleeping in and then packing up. We made a run to the store to get the fixins for burgers and we had a lunchtime cookout before everyone had to make their way home. We also got a few pics in front of the flag.

Ash, John David and Lucy

John David and Sue aka The Grandchildren Worshippers

The Cousins - Jordyn, Jude, Jackson, Landon, and Lucy

I absoluetly LOVE the 4th of July. Its my favorite holiday right after Christmas. There is something about it that makes me giddy. Whether it be the parties, festivities, family, middle of the summer heat and fireworks or perhaps I get to relive my childhood watching my children live theres. Whatever it is, I love the holiday and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend!

Hope you all enjoyed a great 4th of July!!